On Sat, 2005-12-31 at 12:56 +0200, Orna Agmon wrote:
> Previous new LUGs did not have a LUG within about 100 kilometers from
> them. BIUX will have Telux in the same city. Will there be enough people
> who want to come to BIUX? Or will the people who come to Telux just come
> sometimes here and sometimes there, thus reducing the number of people in
> each lecture? A minimal number of people is required in a lecture,
> otherwise the lecturer feels cheated - the lecturer has travelled for some
> time, wasting money and time, and "nobody" (or very few people) want to
> listen to him/her.

BIUX is indeed near to TELUX for people with car or other means of
transportation.  However, at rush hours, transportation time between TAU
and BIU can be as long as an hour, equivalent to 100Km of inter-city
clear road.  And LUG meetings typically start at or shortly after rush

So it makes sense to hold some Linux related lectures in BIU.

I suggest that BIUX and TELUX coordinate their lectures and times so
that at least people with too much time on their hands will be able to
profitably spend their time in both TELUX and BIUX.  It may also be a
good idea to schedule a lecture and then let the BIUX and TELUX members
vote together where they prefer to hear the lecture - TAU or BIU.  Then
hold the lecture where the majority prefers it.

(NOTE:  the above was written under the general philosophy of trying to
support an activity as much as possible by finding for it means to make
sense, rather than kill it due to a reason from a never-ending list of
reasons and excuses.)
                                                  --- Omer
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