On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 02:27:54PM +0200, Nadav Har'El wrote:
> I am surprised that I haven't noticed this earlier, and that nobody wrote
> about this to this list, but anyway, here's some interesting news:
> after 15 years with the same GPL license, Richard Stallman just released the
> first draft of what will be a new version of the GPL: GPLv3.
> You can see a description of the new version in http://gplv3.fsf.org/rationle.
> P.S. This has been a public service announcement, for people (like myself)
> who haven't noticed this news. It is not not an endorsement of the new GPL
> or of the old GPL, and is certainly not an invitation to open the GPL vs. BSD
> debate on this list yet again.

Also see the following on GrokLaw:

This includes a nice paragraph-per-paragraph comparison of the two

Worth you attention

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