and Disabled Communities Out of Touch)
(FOSS community, disabled users must learn to communicate)

The biggest accessibility problem is with blind people.  But also people
with RSI and other motor disabilities sometimes have a problem.

There is also a problem in vocational training centers, which train
non-disabled people from low socioeconomic communities.  This E-mail
message is being BCC'ed also to the managers of such training centers.
Several months ago I was in contact with them and asked them about FOSS
related training.  They told me that they are doing no such training,
due to absence of demand for those skills.

What can we do in Israel to address the difficulties of people with
disabilities and people from low socioeconomic classes?

1. Lobby OpenOffice and AbiWord developers to add a no-BiDi setting to
their software (to support Hebrew+Arabic blind users of word
2. Israeli FOSS businesses should be in contact with vocational training
centers to encourage them to train people to work with FOSS and inform
them about existence of demand for such a training (for example by
customers of those FOSS businesses).  Please contact me in private if
you need help in matchmaking.
3. Developers of Israeli Linux distributions (such as Ahad) - please
check not only for seamless Hebrew support but also for seamless blind
4. Webmasters - follow Shlomi Fish's example, ask about and ensure that
your Web site is accessible to blind persons.
Avoid putting files of lecture audio recordings without also ensuring
that a textual transcript is available as well (for deaf people).
Design your Web site to be standards-compliant (to support browsers
adapted to the needs of blind persons).

                                     --- Omer
                       (Accessibility Coordinator in Hamakor)

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