I waited some time for Larry Wall's lecture
2C_Future_Perfect) transcript to stabilize before actually reading it.

Now, that I have read it, I can thank all those who bothered to
transcribe it (by order of first appearance in the article's revisions
Amire80 - Amir E. Aharoni
Szabgab - Gabor Szabo
Dov Grobgeld
Shlomif - Shlomi Fish - transcribed most of the lecture

If I missed any name, I apologize for this.

Now, I have one more request from the transcribers:
Let's make it easier the next time.
I wish to develop software for making it easier to transcribe the next
lecture.  Since I cannot do transcribing myself, I need to rely upon
your experience transcribing the above lecture.
Please review your experience, and describe (in private E-mail message
to me, or to the list if you believe that your experience is of general
interest) how you actually did it.  Especially, what feature/s of a
special software supporting transcription would have helped you do your
job faster, easier and with more fun.

                                      Thanks again,
                                                 --- Omer
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