While fighting Microsoft for a while
(http://idkn.blogli.co.il/archives/189), made me some ideas regarding
a way to promote Linux and open source in Israel:

1. Opening computer clubs - When doing so, it is better to use the
media to request a donation of old hardware etc... This is also a
"free" publicity.
2. Lior Kaplan for example, helped (or still is helping) in a Olpan
Olim, a request for help (again in the media) also provide the above.
3. Explaining at a hosting shows like at Channel 2 (6 with ...), how
parents can buy in total a computer in 1,500 ILS, instead of 9,000
ILS, making more equal education for kids ...

And the list goes on... Every such interview should also accompany
with a request for donation to the Hamakor organization for helping
out, and for money etc ...

Also contacting some of the companies in the Israeli industry that
uses Linux and/or Open Source to contribute money for commercials in
few ways (Commercial channels/radio can be last in the list, and not
the first).

What do you think ?
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