Hello Oron,
Thanks for the suggestions (gobby and ircd).
How scalable is gobby?
In other words, if August Penguin proves to be wildly popular and
100,000 people want to follow the lectures, will gobby be able to cope
with it?

--- Omer

On Sun, 2010-07-11 at 10:10 +0300, Oron Peled wrote:
> On Sunday, 11 בJuly 2010 09:29:08 Omer Zak wrote:
 <> בוקר טוב רם-און,
 <> אינני צופה שיהיה לי זמן בתקופה הקרובה לחקור ולבדוק פתרונות אפשריים
 <> להזרמת טקסט מוקלד בזמן אמת (כולל תיקונים) לאינטרנט.
 <> אם יש מישהו אחר שיכול לבדוק ובסוף לתת לי מתכון בדוק ומוכן, אבצע את
 <> הוראותיו.
 <> אני מתכנן להשתמש ב-Debian Squeeze על הלאפטופ שאביא, ובעורך הטקסט gedit.
> Probably the easiest solution is to type the text into the collaborative
> text editor 'gobby'. There should be a package for squeeze (Just checked
> there is one for Debian lenny and Fedora and the README mentioned even
> [shock, horror, awe] Windows).
> The typist can create a new session on a specific TCP port number
> (or even a new session every lecture) and anyone that want to participate
> can join in and read. If people are disciplined enough they can even
> help/ask questions (similar to IRC, that's why self discipline is needed
> for effective use).
> Now that I mentioned it... you can install 'ircd' on the laptop and
> use it as well... (but gobby is easier because there's no real setup needed)
> my 2c
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