On 24 Aug 2004, Wilson Guo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
>    I now knew what is in the temporary file now!
>    Distcc simply add all the fuctions and namespaces the source file 
> need,and then send them to the server for compiling.
>    Some of the temporary files(e.g distccd_**.ii) are as big as 3.6MB. 
> But the solution is great!
>    Distcc does't suport Sun CC now,because of the trouble of the 
> temporary files?
>    Why my cc can not recogonize the file then?
>    Will distcc suport CC?

There is a more serious problem than the filename in doing C++
compilation under Sun CC.  That is that Sun CC apparently cannot
correctly compile C++ templates when the file is preprocessed
separately from compilation.  There is not much distcc can do to fix

>    What should I do to let CC suport CC?

Ask the Sun compiler team to fix this issue, or use GNU g++.


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