The discussion started here:

Basically, I don’t understand exactly why that functionality was disabled, but 
I give my best guess in that ticket - mainly that I think data_files is 
incompatible with encapsulated installs, so I suspect it was explicitly, 
intentionally excluded, though I’ve found no evidence to that effect.

So for now, for compatibility, I’ve explicitly excluded that functionality with 
a comment.

I’ve also explicitly overridden _add_defaults_python to capture the overriding 
behavior, which while similar isn’t identical. I’m leaving it as a subsequent 
exercise to see if that implementation can be merged.

In my conclusion in that PR, I’ve suggested we go ahead and re-enable 
data_files, though I suggest we also add a test capturing that expectation.

> On 15 Oct, 2016, at 13:43, Brandon Casey <> wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> I just started looking at the setuptools repo last night to see if I
> could figure out why setuptools doesn't place data_files inside an
> sdist and I saw your commit 17f89f4 to teach the sdist command to use
> the python 36 compatibility behavior.  But it overrides
> _add_defaults_data_files() which actually adds the data_files to the
> filelist, and replaces it with an empty function.
> If I remove this function, so that the one from
> py36compat.sdist_add_defaults is used, then it seems to work correctly
> for me.  But that is the extent of my testing so far.
> The doc comment for the new _add_defaults_data_files function just says:
>   Don't add any data files, but why?
> I see _add_defaults_python() was also overridden and is now only
> slightly different from the one in py36compat.sdist_add_defaults.  It
> looks like maybe you were just trying to make use of the py36compat
> functions without introducing any change in behavior.  Is that the
> only reason that _add_defaults_python() differs from the one in
> py36compat and why _add_defaults_data_files is disabled?  Or do you
> have some concerns about enabling this functionality?  Any thoughts of
> enabling it?  If there's some active discussion or explanation on a
> mailing list somewhere, please feel free to point me towards that.
> Thanks,
> -Brandon

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