I was interested in working on the following issue but thought it
would be worth asking this list about first:


If pip-installing a dependency from a VCS url of the following form:


and "sometag" is the hash of a commit, should pip interpret it as a
commit hash, or should it first check for a branch or tag of that

One argument in favor of interpreting it as a commit hash is greater
determinism. If someone later adds a branch or tag with that name, the
dependency will continue to resolve to the original commit. (However,
someone could still remove the original commit before adding a branch
or tag with that name.) Another argument is that, without this
behavior, once a branch or tag with that name is added, there will no
longer be a way to refer to the original commit.

Either way, I think the log message can be improved. Every time I see
that log message, I think to myself, "of course it's a commit, it's a
40-character hexadecimal string!"

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