The core metadata specification 
( ) notes whether 
each field is optional. However there are some discrepancies with my 

- Download-URL is not marked as optional, but in practice it's obsolete (since 
PEP 470) and not very helpful (there may be different places to download the 
same package). Flit has never set this, and I have had no bug reports about it, 
so in practice it definitely is optional.
- Requires-Python is not marked as optional, though I'm pretty sure it also is 
in practice.
- Only one of the multiple use fields is explicitly marked as optional, but my 
understanding is that 'multiple use' includes using them zero times, so they 
are all optional.

I propose that we remove 'optional' from all the headings, and note at the top 
of the specification that the required fields are:
- Metadata-Version
- Name
- Version
- Summary

(And we should check if Summary is really required)

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