Dear Selene,


First, I am sorry – to anyone who has to deal with ignorance and/or harassment 
in the broader OSM community. I won’t pretend I can exactly put myself in your 
shoes, but I know I wouldn’t want to be there. I want to help build an 
environment where we at least have a way to address harassment. I took a quick 
look over the main website and searched the wiki for “harassment” and it only 
comes up with Codes of Conduct for conferences. A search for similar terms also 
returns pretty much nothing. So taking away those of us who know other OSM 
people and those who are brave enough to speak out on a list, etc. – how many 
potentially valuable contributors have been harassed out of the project because 
there is apparently nothing you can do about it?


I see great people on this list who I have no doubt can write an amazing Code 
of Conduct and maybe enforce it on this list and get other list admins to do 
the same, great start, but we really need the fundamental governance mechanisms 
to be adopted and enforced at the OSMF.


For clarity, I am a voting member of HOT and was their chair when we were in a 
similar situation and needed the mechanisms to enforce respectable behavior – 
which was not fun and took a long time. I am also a paying member of the OSM-US 
mainly because I run a few local meetups. But I am not, and will not be, a 
paying member of the OSMF until there is some significant work done to make OSM 
a safer community.


I urge everyone to pick their battles, but please – don’t feed the trolls,



Russell Deffner


From: Selene Yang <> 
Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 7:56 AM
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Subject: [Diversity-talk] Who says we need a code of conduct?


Hi! I wrote an entry in my OSM diary about diversity 
(  in the community 
using the OSM Awards as an example, and one of the answers from an OSM 
collaborator was:


Comentario de  <> cray33 el  
<> 6 de 
marzo de 2018 a las 10:03

fuck diversity. A man and a woman are different from each other. You can't 
change the nature


So I guess... Who needs a CoC when we have such an inclusive and well mannered 
community. :sigh: This is not the first time I've read a violent response from 
a community member when it comes to gender related issues. I don't know if you 
recall the `man=made` vs  `human=made` debacle, and yet we're still here 
debating whether or not we need to enforce a CoC.


I'm truly disappointed in the community.

Thanks for reading.





Selene Yang Rappaccioli
Candidata Doctoral en Comunicación
Universidad Nacional de La Plata

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