Hi, everyone! I wanted to share with you the latest project from Geochicas
(women from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Argentina and Spain contributed
on this first stage), it's called #LasCallesDeLasMujeres (The streets of
women). We created a map that shows streets named after women with their
respective Wikipedia article.

We want to visualice the amount of streets named after a women in the major
cities in Latin America and also if there's a wiki page after them, if
there's nothing written about them, we ask for contributions to the
community for this.  We're collecting the data from OSM and Wikipedia (it
doesn't have to be an article written in Spanish). We're on beta stage, so
if you have any comments, please send them to me, the'll be really





Selene Yang Rappaccioli
Candidata Doctoral en ComunicaciĆ³n
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
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