Thanks everyone for the follow on discussion. Please keep it going!

I had promised a next action myself to digest and post to OSMF wiki, including 
some next steps that others can take up. But I ran out of time, and that's not 
going to happen for another 1.5 weeks, I'm going offline for the kids' school 

In the mean time, if someone wanted to step in and start organizing my notes 
into more tangible discrete tasks, please do. 

Something else I intend to do is more direct outreach to folks to join this 
group. We need more diversity in the diversity committee! I think there's a lot 
OSMF can learn from what other folks have already done in our community, and I 
hope to develop relationships to explore this more.


On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 01:15:48 PM EST, Mikel Maron 
<> wrote: 

We just concluded second of two meetings today. Lots to digest, thanks to those 
who were able to make it. Raw notes are at My next action is to digest a 
bit, and create a page on the OSMF wiki with some things that came out of the 

Other next steps. Maggie is going to start a OSM wiki page to gather previous 
research, Rory is looking at tweaks to the Diversity Statement, and Jinal is 
putting together a short form to gather details on interest from people who 
didn't make this meeting.


* Mikel Maron * +14152835207 @mikel s:mikelmaron

On Thursday, February 6, 2020, 01:41:45 PM EST, Mikel Maron 
<> wrote: 

Last month, the OSMF adopted this Diversity Statement [1] and appointed a 
committee [2] to compile research and undertake new research on our diversity, 
identify root causes that contribute to any shortfalls, and make 
recommendations to help resolve issues and improve. 

If you're interested to take part, join an upcoming initial meeting of the 
committee. We're holding a first meeting on Wednesday February 12 at 1400 UTC 
[3] on Mumble [4] (in the public OSMF Board of Directors room). Please join if 
you'd like to contribute. If you're unavailable at that time, let us know other 
times that might work, and we can schedule another kickoff meeting in addition.

[3] Timezone converter:
[4] How to use Mumble:


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