Hi guys, 

I'm looking for help. 
I'm renewing my own "multiroom" system (how original here ^^). 

I use several raspberry pi zero 0 with hifiberry miniamp and
I combine each raspberry pi with an AI called Jarvis (to give vocal
instructions to my home through jeedom). 

I previously used Raspbian, squeezelite and Jarvis so I know (somehow)
how to deal with Debian. 

A just discovered picoreplayer and love the idea of liteweight and ram
usage (a few sd cards gone ill). 
But it is very different from Debian. 

Does anyone managed to configure a microphone and install AI (Jarvis,
jasper, mycroft...) alongside with picoreplayer? 

Thanks for your help and sorry for my English (I'm French) 

Best regards,

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