Forrest wrote: 
> My Transporter recently died as well with the same failed display PSU. 
> Though this thing is cheap to replace through Rapid, the real issue here
> is absolute low-grade "jellybean" electrolytic capacitors they used in
> building these power supplies.  Low-grade electrolytic capacitors will
> not last very long in almost any application.   Rather than buying a new
> PSU from Rapid, which would had surely fixed the issue, I ended up
> re-capping my failed PSU with high-quality, high-reliability,
> electrolytic caps by Panasonic and Nichicon, like should have been
> installed in the first place.   You can buy thess parts from Digi-Key or
> an other electronic parts supplier for less than $5 US, and they can
> easily be installed using a small pencil-soldering iron, good-grade
> electronics solder, and some solder-wick.  It not difficult to do, but
> if you don't know how to solder, there are many You-Tube videos the show
> you how.   Best of luck to all!

I totally agree. Buying a new power supply is wasteful as long as it
just failed due to some capacitors. Like in the three Transporters I had
here for repair. It's a shame to toss a module that has two or three
failed out of more than 20 components, and spare parts are really cheap,
even the good ones. No need to put audio quality caps here, eventually
this is just about the display power source.
But the quality of the capacitors is just half the story. The other is
(imho) that they should be further away from the heat sources on the
PCB. That's why I mount new capacitors with the full length of their
legs (isolated of course) and glue them down to the Transporter's bottom
shell. Even crappy quality capacitors will live much longer this way.
However, not everybody has the tools and skills and courage to do this.
If doing the soldering is too hard, and nobody is available to do it,
but tools are at least sufficient to replace the PCB with a new one,
that's an excuse.

I am thinking of selling a few modified PSU boards, brand new but
equipped with quality capacitors (Panasonic or similar) right from the
start. PN me if you are interested.:)

PN me if your Boom / Classic / Transporter display has issues!

LMS 7.9.0 on Windows Server 2012
1x Squezeebox Classic SB2
7x Squeezebox Classic SB3 (one waiting for repair)
7x Squeezebox Boom (two waiting for repair)
1x Transporter
2x Controller (one waiting for repair)
3x Touch (two waiting for repair)
1x Radio
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