Hi again,

here is another video that I think should be inspiring for how django
CMS should work:

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=351Da7Qx0IQ (Odoo Website Builder - Tour)

Don't get me wrong! I'm not a super-big fan of Odoo. But what they get
right is what they probably have copied from existing website builders
that have proven to be sufficiently end-user friendly (e.g. Weebly and

- They have everything visible, nothing hidden.
- They have a toolbar of elements you can add at the left.
- There is no structure mode (or, at least, you're not forced to use
it to add content). WYSIWYG front-end editing over everything!
- No double-clicking to change content! It all works like a breeze.
Just point and click, change and leave.

In fact, I would have loved if Odoo told us: "We have made this all
using django CMS! And it's awesome."

What do you think? Could django CMS work like this (plus a few
"professional-grade"  addons, structure control layer, etc. maybe) one


2017-01-31 17:43 GMT+01:00 Peter Bittner:
> Hi there,
> I just found an old video again from Emencia showing up django CMS 2.4 with
> front-end editing and responsive Web design. Absolutely no structure mode,
> no admin needed for editing, no losing context ever. Just nice and
> intuitive.
> - https://vimeo.com/75947363 (that was 3.5 years ago!)
> Peter
> 2016-12-22 11:22 GMT+01:00 Angelo Dini:
>> Hello Peter
>> thank you very much for the wireframe. My experience with a toolbar
>> restricting the width of the viewport and especially the websites width is
>> in general bad. This also lead us to reconsider the sidebar and overlap it
>> over the content. It's not an option that I'd consider but I can place it in
>> the board meeting.
>> I'd rather have it on the bottom of the page spanning fullwidth, also
>> considering that a structure can have many nested level and width will be a
>> problem. We could eventually implement switches, such as the developer tools
>> offer.
>> I like the idea of the toolbox but might feel more comfortable adding that
>> to the content itself with hover indications or so, but we'd need some UX
>> tests for that.
>> Cheers
>> Angelo
>> On Wednesday, 21 December 2016 21:10:34 UTC+1, Peter Bittner wrote:
>>> Hi Angelo,
>>> I've made a quick wireframe, see attached. It's available for public
>>> editing at https://wireframe.cc/IBlaDw
>>> A CMS sidebar can solve the issue of the toolbar occupying "too much"
>>> screen real estate. It can easily collapse or slide out (as the toolbar did
>>> in django CMS 2.4, by the way!), and users will feel alright. On large
>>> desktop screens the default placement on the right (or left) comes natural
>>> as most screens are much wider than high, nowadays. Containers inside the
>>> sidebar can have accordions to accommodate several tools. And no toolbar
>>> means 100% of vertical space remains available. The Admin panel can still
>>> float in from the left if needed.
>>> The toolbox offers all plugins (in a context sensitive way) to drag and
>>> drop them onto the page. The structure below allows for ultimate control and
>>> fine-tuning. With the toolbox and the structure view both available at the
>>> same time there is no context-switching needed, no losing of context happens
>>> while working on the page content. Of course, the sidebar could optionally
>>> detach (into a separate window) or be rearranged or moved to one of the
>>> other 3 edges of the browser window.
>>> Peter
>>> 21 Dec 2016 11:22:51 UTC+1 Angelo Dini wrote:
>>>> Hello Peter
>>>> yes, this is why we need to enhance the content mode to enable simple
>>>> addition and restructuring of content. Though we will still have the issue
>>>> of losing context.
>>>> I'm very open here to recommendations / UX ideas or sample screenshots
>>>> of a possible solution.
>>>> The technical requirements there are still that the modes are split
>>>> apart. We can link them with a new "developers view" mode or whatever we
>>>> wanna call it to mimic the developer tools.
>>>> I find myself more splitting the developers tools from the actual
>>>> window, using 2 windows. That might also be worth having a look at.
>>>> Cheers
>>>> Angelo

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