Hi all,

This discussion is about _very_ trivial change, but it would break
backwards compatibility, so I want to get some consensus before I
commit anything.

Ticket #3532 ( http://code.django.project.com/tickets/3532 ) discusses
the spaceless templatetag. In particular, there has been a request
that spaceless be configurable to allow NO spaces.

The patch attached is good, and ready to commit. However, the ticket
has stimulated a discussion about whether 0 spaces should be the
default value for the number of spaces.

Personally, I'm inclined to agree that spaceless should mean
spaceless. My experience with HTML rendering has been that 1 space is
no different to 100 spaces for most web browsers - but 0 spaces can be
interpreted quite differently. I can't see a use case for the
1-space-preserving behaviour.

So -

1) Is there a valid use case out there for the default 'leave 1 space'
behaviour that I am missing?

2) What is the community opinion on changing the default behaviour of
spaceless to 0 spaces (thereby introducing a backwards

3) Whatever the default value is, is there a need for configurability
of the number of spaces provided by this tag?

4) Can we get an official pronouncement from Adrian to shortcut the
debate completely?

Russ Magee %-)

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