On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 20:27 -0700, Trent wrote:
> Hi all-
> I am having a very hard time tracking down some detailed documentation
> on the sites subframework.  I have read the django book and gone
> through the tutorial.  I've also read the Sites documentation page.  I
> find the documentations page provides the most details to the uses of
> the subframework, but I have not found any practical guides to
> implementing Sites.
> Specifically, I'm trying to understand how I would run multiple sites
> using one Django instance.  Sites seams to satisfy that need; but as I
> understand it, you then need to have a different settings file for
> each site, which I believe would require a djange instance running for
> each site.  Am I wrong?  Can anybody show point me to a tutorial or
> paste some code that shows their settings.py for the one or multiple
> Django instances?

This is really a better question for the django-users mailing list. This
list is more concerned with the development of django internals. So
please take any follow-ups over there.

The short version is that the sites framework is for running the same
code against the same database in different installations (i.e.
different settings files). The sort of thing you're searching for isn't
possible out of the box for a few technical reasons. Basically, it's one
"Location" (in Apache-speak) per settings file, if you like.


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