On 20/04/12 19:58, Daniel Sokolowski wrote:

> Was BitBucket (mercurial system which is python based) not considered?
> And could someone point me to a url where I can read the discussion on
> this migration; I am rather curious why it’s happening – the current
> system works so I see no reason to fix it.

Some of the discussion happened on django-core.

One of the reasons for this was that it affects core developers most of
all, so Adrian wanted their opinions first.

Another reason was that this kind of change is almost certainly going to
require a BDFL decision, because we will never come to consensus on Git
vs Mercurial etc. - even within the core developers they are strong
preferences in both directions, and even strong preferences to stick
with Subversion. And I guess that's the reason that we didn't have
further discussion on django-devs - since it already needed a BDFL
decision, there was no point making the pretence of discussion in a
wider forum. (Adrian/Jacob feel may correct me if I'm guessing wrongly).


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