On 22/06/12 19:08, Ramesh-Nivista wrote:
> Hi,
> We are facing one issue when we tried to update the memcache module.
> Please check below our issue which is explained indetail.
> We tried to deploy our django application and whenever we access a
> particular content based page( a page which fetches the data from DB)
> we are facing cache time out error.
> We are facing this error when @cache_ananonymous decorator is called
> in memcache.py file. It says cache_timeout argument missing.

If you are having a problem with Django, the place to ask is the
django-users list, or file a ticket on our Trac instance
(code.djangoproject.com) if you think you've found a bug in Django

BTW, there is no cache_anonymous decorator in Django, so it is likely
your problem is elsewhere.



Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are unnecessary

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