I just got back from holiday. I hope to be able to review at least some
of these patches within the next 2 weeks. If you don't hear from me in
that time, I'd encourage you to carry on anyway.



On 25/08/12 20:35, Anssi Kääriäinen wrote:
> I have done some more ORM refactoring work. I thought it would be a
> good idea to post a summary of what is going on.
> First, I haven't committed the utils.tree refactoring patch I was
> planning to commit [
> refactor_utils_tree]. The reason is that I now feel that add_filter()
> and deeper levels of the Query class need some refactorings first.
> There is some work going on in the refactoring of the deeper levels of
> the ORM. I committed join promotion improvement patch today: [https://
>]. I have more planned
> improvements to commit:
> * Remove "dupe avoidance" logic from the ORM (#18748).
> This is removing some code I strongly believe isn't needed any more.
> This is still pending Malcolm's review.
> * Fix join promotion in disjunctive filters (#18854).
> This one should make join promotion in disjunction cases cleaner and
> more efficient (as in less OUTER JOINS). In addition, this will make
> add_q/add_filter a bit easier to understand. The problem currently is
> that the first ORed filter is added to the query with connector=AND,
> the rest of the filters in the disjunction with connector=OR. This is
> done for join promotion reasons. However, this is very confusing when
> trying to work with add_q and add_filter, and doesn't actually work
> that well (see the added tests in the ticket's patch).
> * Remove "trim" argument from add_filter (#18816).
> The trim argument is only needed for split_exclude (that is, pushing
> negated m2m filters to subqueries). So, add_filter (and then also
> trim_joins) needs to handle split_exclude's special case. Handling
> this case inside split_exclude() turned out to be a little ugly, but
> IMO less ugly than the trim flag. This also allows further cleanups in
> the following item.
> * A biggie: complete refactoring of setup_joins (#10790, a separate
> ticket could be good for this).
> Best described in the last post in the ticket [https://
>]. The patch isn't
> completely ready (there are still stale comments floating around, the
> commit history is ugly).
> Applying the above patches should make the ORM code easier to follow.
> Further features like custom lookups should be easier to add. The
> produced queries should be of higher quality (less joins, less left
> joins). And, it should be easier to do cleanups in the ORM.
> A note about extra_filters: The setup_joins() refactoring removes the
> "extra_filters" system used for generic relations. The system adds new
> filters to the query for any joins generated by generic relations.
> However, these are pushed into the WHERE clause, and this doesn't work
> nicely with LOUTER JOINS. The refactoring adds the extra condition
> directly into the join's ON clause, thus producing correct left outer
> join conditions.
> The extra_filters is (as far as I know) private API, but I'd like to
> know if this is heavily used by the community. If so, it is easy
> enough to leave this API in place (while still fixing the generic
> relations stuff).
> I hope I can get reviews for the above tickets. Getting reviews from
> people who do not know the ORM is valuable, too, as one of the goals
> is to make the ORM easier to understand. As the author I can't easily
> see if my attempts to make the code easier to follow actually improve
> anything.
> Even if I do not get any reviews, I think it is a good idea to push
> these patches in. Thus far it has been hard to get reviews for larger
> ORM patches, and I am afraid that the refactoring work will stall if I
> have to wait for a full review for every patch. If you want to review
> the patches, but don't have time just now, please make a note in the
> tickets about this. There is no hurry.
> If pushing these patches without reviews seems like a bad idea to you,
> then please say so (preferably before I commit anything)...
> I am sorry if I haven't worked on other patches I thought I had time
> to work on. The core ORM refactorings are IMO really important to work
> on, and thus they have bypassed some other items in my admittedly too
> long TODO list.
>  - Anssi

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