On 11/10/12 08:51, Max wrote:
> Hi there,
> this is my first post here; hope I'm posting to the right group.
> I'm currently working on getting to run an 1.4-application (using a
> profile model) on 1.5dev, using the the new (eagerly awaited by me) 
> custom user model.
> I used django.contrib.gis.db.GeoManager with my former profile-Model and
> so I wanted to use it with my new custom user model, too.
> The following exception was thrown:
> " 'GeoManager' object has no attribute 'get_by_natural_key' "
> Hacking contrib/gis/db/models/manager.py and making GeoManager subclass 
> 'django.contrib.auth.models.UserManager' 
> instead of 'Manager' solved it for the moment.
> Maybe this is something that hasn't been thought of yet.
> I felt like I should post this.

If you could create a ticket, that will ensure this is not forgotten. It
sounds like it should be a release blocker.


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