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Hi there,

I'd love to see some (most?) of the features from django-polymorphic on
django itself. I'm very much be willing to work on this myself. Of
course, there's several details that need to be discussed too, HOWEVER,
but before I even start, I'd like to know if they'd even be acceptable
in django, or, for some reason, the functionality has been kept out of

As I recall it, the general approach here is: is there a reason this can't live as a 3rd party app?

Would it benefit significantly by being more deeply integrated into core, and if so, does it bring sufficient benefit to users to warrant the changes?

There was some research by Sebastian Vetter on "single-child auto-resolve" solutions for MTI and how they scaled (from memory, model-utils' InheritanceManager, polymorphic, and generic-m2m) https://github.com/elbaschid/mti-lightbulb


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