Following the release of Python 3.6 beta this week, I've spent some time 
fixing test failures and warnings in Django. All work is tracked in


------- - smtp EmailBackend doesn't 
honor fail_silently=True when receiving a socket level connection error 
(accepted) - Document new location of 
jquery in v1.10 (invalid) - makemigrations crashes with 
"'SpatialRefSysMixin' has no attribute '_meta'" on PostGIS (accepted) - PostgreSQL-9.4 ArrayField 
with null throws ProgrammingError but not ValidationError on Linux but not 
Windows (worksforme) - prefetch_related with 
select_related takes a lot of query (invalid)


-------- - Isolated test_close() cache 
test. - Refs #27025 -- Fixed "invalid 
escape sequence" warnings in Python 3.6. - Improved a deprecation 
warning (as a result of debugging the warnings in Django’s test suite)


------------------ - Fixed #25187 -- Made request 
available in authentication backends. - Fixed #23155: Added request 
argument to user_login_failed signal. - Fixed #27203 -- Replaced 
assertQuerysetEqual(..., lambda o: o) with assertSequenceEqual(). - Fixed #26170 -- Made 
ModelAdmin views run transactions on the correct database. - Fixed #27211 -- Made 
UpdateCacheMiddleware include caching headers for "304 Not Modified" 
responses. - Fixed #15143 -- Doc'd how to 
set the language for the test client. - Fixed #27198 -- Made 
MultiValueDict.getlist() return a new list to prevent mutation. - Refs #27083 -- Updated 
conditional header comparison to match RFC 7232.

Reviews of core dev work

------------------------ - Fixed #26524 -- Fixed crash in 
admin change view when displaying many to many forward refs.

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