Hi, I would like to reopen the following issue from two years ago to change 
the test name in Django's test output from unittest's default to the full 
"dotted name":


This would make rerunning failing tests easier because then the test name 
could simply be copy and pasted from the command-line as is.

Tim told me that to reopen the issue, it needed to be discussed on this 
list first and consensus reached. See Tim's comment (as well as some of my 
reasoning for why I think the issue should be reopened) here:


I put together a patch here with tests so you can see the PR that I was 
planning to propose:


The approach is simply to subclass unittest.TextTestResult and override its 
getDescription() method to use the dotted name instead of unittest's 
current, less helpful format. Django already has an example of subclassing 
TextTestResult with its DebugSQLTextTestResult class.


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