Very much appreciate the Django framework.  

I noticed in the docs 
for Django 1.11 that the *DJANGO_LIVE_TEST_SERVER_ADDRESS* environmental 
variable is slated to be removed, along with the accompanying 
python test *--liveserver* option.  I'm concerned that without 
the ability to specify a remote IP address using --liveserver, it will no 
longer be possible to run functional tests using selenium against an 
external server.  I learned this technique from Harry Percival's excellent 
TDD with Python (see,
where the test command is called from the local machine but you pass in the 
external IP.  Will there be a different way to do this in Django 1.11? 
Perhaps the change to bind LiveserverTestCase to port zero by default can 
be made while retaining the option to pass in --liveserver?  Realize the 
release is a ways away but would appreciate any help as I've come to rely 
on this method to test server deployments.  Thank you!

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