------- - Generic CreateView/UpdateView 
doesn't send the kwargs to get_context_data (duplicate) - File uploads could rename 
temporary files rather than copying them (duplicate) - Avoid object save during 
QuerySet.update_or_create() when there were no changes (accepted) - File uploads could rename 
temporary files rather than copying them (accepted) - Proposed opt_group argument 
for ModelChoiceField and ModelMultipleChoiceField (wontfix) - Selecting multiple admin 
list_filters across relations return results that don't match both filters 
(accepted) - Stop setting the 
Content-Length header in ConditionalGetMiddleware (accepted) - Altering max_length on 
sqlite: makemigrations creates correct migration, but migrate does not 
alter length of varchar in the database itself (worksforme) - BooleanField raises 
ValidationError always for RadioSelect widget value False (invalid)


-------- - Updated security policy 
according to current practices. - Fixed #27200 -- Provided 
makemigration's allow_migrate() with model_name. - Fixed #27345 -- Stopped 
setting the Date header in ConditionalGetMiddleware.

10 small commits of unused code removals or additional tests for the ORM


------------------ - Fixed #26954 -- Prevented 
ModelAdmin.has_module_permission()=False from blocking access to the app 
index page. - Fixed #19705 -- Set proper 
headers on conditional Not Modified responses. - Refs #19705 -- Changed 
GZipMiddleware to make ETags weak. - Fixed #24607 -- Serialized 
natural keys in multi-table inheritance models. - Refs #19705 -- Documented 
decorator ordering with @condition(). - Refs #19705 -- Changed gzip 
modification times to 0.

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