Hey guys, 

My first time posting here. 
I downloaded the Django source code and I was going through the 
instructions given in "Writing your first patch for Django" 
I am working with Python 2. So, I installed packages via the py2.txt in the 
requirements directory. 

So, first with the possible bug. 
So, the documentation says, after your done with the installation run: 


which gave me the following error:
*ImportError: No module named django*

The README inside the tests directory says to run: 


This command didn't give any error and the tests started running. 
So, Is this a bug in the documentation, or is there something I'm missing? 

Moving on to the segmentation. 
I run the test suite thrice. The first time it gave a seg fault w/o running 
any tests the other two times it gave the same error after running about 3k 
- 4k tests. 
The exact error is: 

*16858 segmentation fault   PYTHONPATH=..:$PYTHONPATH ./runtests.py*

Can any one help with this? 
Is this because I'm running Python 2.x and not Python 3? 


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