Hi folks,

I'm looking for input on https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/28451

Basically, the root of the issue is that a change introduced in 1.11 breaks 
Oracle sequence names under certain conditions (if you have 
use_returning_into = False, which is *not* the default). The symptom is 
that if you had a pre-1.11 project using Oracle and use_returning_into = 
False, then after upgrading to 1.11 INSERTs that need an autoincrement will 

The regression appears to be an unintentional side effect of 

In theory, I think just the breaking piece could be reverted without 
affecting the issue that the patch addressed (which I believe was quoting). 
The problem is that, as far as I can tell, the options boil down to:

1) Revert the "_SQ" change and break things for users who started new 
projects on 1.11 (to be clear - the subset that's using Oracle and 
use_returning_into = False).

2) Leave it alone and provide a warning and migration path for pre-1.11 
projects to convert their sequence names to the "new" style (possibly in an 
automatic migration?)

I don't recall breaking changes in a dot-release for anything other than a 
security issue, which this is not (and feels particularly crappy to do for 
an LTS). On the other hand, this is a pretty nasty regression (for the 
admittedly small subset of users).

Either way, it seems like the best solution from a user perspective would 
involve scripts for automatically renaming the sequences, which scares me a 
bit in terms of how fragile they're likely to be.

Perhaps there's another, more elegant, option? Have we had a similar 
problem with other backends at some point in the past that we can look to 
in terms of a template?


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