------- - Add additional response type 
subclasses (accepted) - migrate --fake produces stale 
content type warning when CreateModel exists in non-initial migration 
(fixed) - Template FileLoader can't 
find widget templates (invalid) - Clarify the documentation 
about the relationship between model meta "index_together" and "indexes" 
using Index() classes (fixed) - Optimize a jQuery selector in 
admin's actions.js (fixed) - Allow user to skip test 
database creation per connection (worksforme) - Make DiscoverRunner skip 
creating a test database if not needed (created) - Nonstandard "minlength" 
property to <input/> (invalid)


---------- - Fixed #27855 -- Updated docs 
for Python 3.4 support in Django 2.0. - Sort imports with isort, 
fix flake8 warnings, and fix benchmarks with Django master.


------------------ - Fixed #28457 -- Updated the 
design of the 'Congrats' page for new Django projects. - Fixed #28465 -- Unified index 
SQL creation in DatabaseSchemaEditor. - Refs #23766 -- Added tests for 
CursorWrapper.callproc(). - Refs #16043 -- Refactored 
internal fields value cache. - Fixed #23766 - Doc'd 
CursorWrapper.callproc(). - Refs #18247 -- Fixed filtering 
on CombinedExpression(output_field=DecimalField()) annotation on SQLite. - Fixed #28386 -- Made 
operations within non-atomic migrations honor the operation's atomic flag 
when migrating backwards. - Fixed #28456 -- Allowed 
customizing Model pickling by overriding __getstate__(). - Fixed #23546 -- Added kwargs 
support for CursorWrapper.callproc() on Oracle. - Fixed #27849 -- Added 
filtering support to aggregates. - Fixed #28201 -- Added 
ProhibitNullCharactersValidator and used it on CharField form field. - Fixed #28485 -- Made 
ExceptionReporter.get_traceback_frames() include frames without source code.

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