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Hello !

What is the policy regarding NoSQL datastores being used as backends ? I think 
adding support for something like MongoDB might be good idea.

Could you elaborate on why you think it would be a good idea?

I believe every other time the discussion has come up the following points have been made.

1. "NoSQL" is not a DB category, it is an anti-category
2. Because of there there is no common data model, or query languages.
3. If you limit yourself to just document stores, there is still no common query language [but this can be hidden by code] 4. Document stores are a really really bad fit for the ORM, as it's designed for the relational model, not document model. 5. A better approach would be to develop an ODM, which is sufficiently compatible with the ORM you can provide similar tools like ModelForms and ModelAdmin, as well as GCBV.

If I missed anything, I'm sure someone else will remind me.

[Also... why is it always MongoDB, instead of something with a solid reputation of reliability and performance?]


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