Hello everyone!

I know there must be a good reason to have managers outside of models and 
having the current rules for "manager inheritance" upon abstract/concrete 
model inheritance. However, there are legitimate cases where you want to 
use manager mixins (very much like model mixins) in order to compose 
manager functionality. And most of the time, at least to me, the need of 
model mixins and manager mixins in order to be composed for each 
model/manager feels like a bad design approach.

Consider the case someone needs abstract model mixins in order to have 
common fields composable, so that defining several models with common field 
patterns is done nicely by inheriting the mixins. Now consider the case 
someone needs to equally compose manager functionality, in a way that 
matches the abstract model functionality. The current way to do it is also 
creating several manager mixins and composing them into specific managers 
for each model. At one point one starts thinking that this could be done 
through a single mixin (for both fields and manager methods reuse.)

My questions:

- Can you point me to a page/thread where it's stated why we need external 
manager classes instead of mixing the manager functionality with the model 
- Is there any way to work this design decision around, so that composing 
model and manager functionality can be done without having to create mixins 
for both?

Thank you very much!

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