On 08/17/2018 06:50 PM, Nils Fredrik Gjerull wrote:
think, however, that it is more clear if we give it a value. By the way,
the syntax is not new it is the old syntax from HTML4. I have spent
quite some time cleaning up ill-formed HTML4.

One of the more significant differences between the advent of XHTML and now, is that HTML5 introduced standard rules for how to deal with "invalid" markup, meaning its handling in browsers became consistent.

XHTML was a great move to allow a shift to browsers only accepting valid markup, but it never happened -- in part because IE just wouldn't play along.

So a softer solution was found - moving to HTML5 with defined failure modes and handling.

Currently, ISTM the only thing standing in the way of you using Django for generating valid XHTML is the form widgets, in which case I suspect writing your own widget templates would be far less work for everyone involved.

You could also provide them, quite trivially, as a 3rd party app for other people facing the same issues as you.


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