On 09/14/2018 08:24 PM, Aymeric Augustin wrote:

I would like to be sure that Brotli is actually faster. In my experience, while decompression is fast, compression can be extremely slow.


It's primarily tuned for fast decompression, making it especially good for offline compression (i.e. compression of static assets on deploy)

At lower levels it can get as good compression as gzip, but much faster, or similar speed for better results. IIRC the general "wisdom" is that brotli at level 4 is typically faster than gzip, and gives better results.

I like the general idea of an "extensible" or plugin driven Content-Encoding handler, though it would require at least some preferencing engine so you can influence which algorithm is chosen by (a) browser supported, (b) local preference, and (c) content type.


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