Are you using an inverted index (search engine) behind that for relevance 
ranking, better word segmentation/stemming/synonyms, and peirformance?
I think that something like that is really needed when the problem is 
finding stuff.

On Friday, October 26, 2018 at 9:50:43 PM UTC-4, Collin Anderson wrote:
> A few years ago I realized I really liked the UI of, so I tried 
> creating a trello-style view of django tickets:
> (beware, I'm not a designer :)
> It's basically just 100 lines of JS and a little CSS. It's still my go to 
> for finding tickets.
> I thought I'd share that as an idea for how to improve find-ability.
> ---------- Forwarded message ---------
> From: Tom Forbes
> Date: Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 8:09 PM
> Subject: Re: Widening participation (Thoughts from DjangoCon)
> How much of this would you attribute to the current ticketing system 
> itself, rather than tickets being tagged appropriately?
> I know when I started contributing I found trac to be pretty intimidating 
> in terms of complexity, especially the search. I still prefer to use the 
> 'Search Trac' field in the root page than fiddle 
> with the myriad of options and drop downs in the browse tickets section.
> If we think of getting new people onboard as a conversion funnel we need 
> to stop dropoff as much as possible, and that extends to the UI of the 
> ticket tracker as well I believe.
> Tom
> On Fri, 26 Oct 2018, 22:43 Ian Foote wrote:
>> Hi Carlton,
>> I've had similar thoughts sitting in the back of my mind for at least a 
>> couple of months, so thank you for sharing this. I agree that finding 
>> tickets is one of the big problems here, both for new contributors and for 
>> sprint leaders. At Pycon UK I took on the role of sprint leader along with 
>> Adam Johnson and directing people to appropriate tickets was a definite 
>> difficulty. I was also unaware of the django core mentorship list and will 
>> be joining that soon. I'm willing to spend some time mentoring a small 
>> number of people, life permitting.
>> Ian
>> On Fri, 26 Oct 2018 at 14:44, Carlton Gibson wrote:
>>> Hi All. 
>>> OK, so last week I was at DjangoCon US in San Diego. (Thank you if you 
>>> organised that! Hi! if we met and chatted.) 
>>> I gave a talk ("Your web framework needs you!") inspired by the 
>>> discussion on the 
>>> <> DSF 
>>> list and the proposal to dissolve Django Core 
>>> <>. (Can’t see the DSF list? Join 
>>> the DSF 
>>> <>
>>> .)
>>> I was asking for more participation in general, and participation that 
>>> is more representative of the wider Django community in particular.
>>> There was lots of good input from many people, including (but not, at 
>>> all, limited to) representatives of groups such Pyladies, DjangoGirls, and 
>>> so on. 
>>> The recurring themes seem to me to fit into three categories:
>>>    1. The importance of *mentoring*.
>>>    2. The difficulty of *finding tickets*.
>>>    3. The importance of *sprints*.
>>> The rest here is a summary of that. Hopefully it’s useful. 
>>> Finding Tickets
>>> The next thing was that there’s not enough guidance on what to work on. 
>>> The guidance is to look for *Easy Pickings*. There are ≈1300 accepted 
>>> open tickets in TRAC. 13 of these are marked *Easy Pickings*. 
>>> That’s not enough. I think we’re too tight with it (or need another 
>>> grade). 
>>> There are *many* tickets which aren’t super hard: I put it that, most 
>>> of our community solve harder problems every day *using Django* than 
>>> most tickets require. 
>>> Yes, they still require time, love, energy, etc — and maybe some 
>>> mentoring — but it’s not primary research, in the main.
>>> I talked to people who had (at the conference) got the test suite 
>>> running and such, but been overawed by the (for want of a better phrase) 
>>> *sheer 
>>> face* of issue tracker. 
>>> We would do well to invite people better here. (I don’t have instant 
>>> solutions.) 

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