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> On your point about non-standard backends, maybe we should focus on making
> it easier to add third party backends and standardize some of the
> internals? We could treat the backend as external (i.e no special hacks for
> them) but keep them in the Django package. If we make the interfaces a bit
> more abstract it would be a lot easier for these backends to exist without
> hacks perhaps.

Over the past several years when I first started this thread, the API has
improved and these types of improvements reduced the need to monkey patch
or completely rewrite bits of the ORM in django-mssql. Continuing to
move/keep any DB specific hacks out of the ORM and in to their respective
backend makes Django friendlier for 3rd party database backends. The API is
still deemed internal and if you push for a more official database backend
API, I suggest clearly stating that it will still be exempt from the
standard deprecation policy. There was a lot of strong opposition to
changing that policy in the past.

Michael Manfre
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