Hi all,

I'm writing to you all to update you on the current situation of Channels
and related libraries (channels-redis and Daphne) and potentially ask for

I've been the sole maintainer of these projects for quite a while and it
has become unsustainable - all of my energy is taken up fielding issues and
support requests and I haven't been able to even get myself to start
looking at Django async stuff because of it.

Given that, if nobody else can step forward to take over, I'll have to put
those three projects (Channels, channels-redis, and Daphne) into an
explicit maintenance mode where they only accept security requests via the
normal security@ route, and start the process of retiring them as active
Django projects, as I don't want to give the impression they're still
maintained if they're not.

(note: the asgiref project is still fine and should probably move out of
Django to its own effort at some point giving the growing set of ASGI tools)

If people are willing to take over maintenance, I'm happy to help explain
some things but I don't have the bandwidth to bring someone completely up
from scratch, so I can't help mentor someone who is totally new to
maintaining open-source Python (sorry!).

Once I recover a bit from the burnout I'll be able to come back and help
with the really complex bugs; the main thing I need out of is the seemingly
endless support requests and weird WebSocket client bugs.

My personal deadline for this is two weeks, on February 1st. If you want to
help out, please feel free to reply either here or get in touch with me
personally to chat about what's involved.


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