> On 19 Jan 2019, at 11:48, Santiago Basulto <santiago.basu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Haha, sorry, got overly excited. What's the usual process to make these sort 
> of decisions in these cases? Should we ask the users list?

No problem. :)

We make decisions here. Say you’d have opened a Trac ticket for this, I’d have 
probably said `needsinfo`. So same as I’m saying here, we need to pin down 
what’s being proposed. 

> The setting proposal is purely from my perspective as a user. For *my* 
> (completely unilateral) point of view, this is very important and I'd love to 
> have a place to just flip a switch and change them all; well, I'd even prefer 
> for it to be the default behavior, but I know selects look cool too.
> Now, from a "development" perspective, I do understand that it might be a big 
> change.

Adding a setting may not be any harder than creating a subclass: the underlying 
implementation may look virtually identical. But in that case it’d be likely 
we’d favour the subclass, since a setting is a bit like a sledge-hammer — it’s 
probably overkill when you could just change an import and a superclass 

But, again, what does it look like? Is it better than (i.e. simple enough) 
providing a better example and letting people implement their own? 

FWIW, I think the default select is right for the vast majority of cases and is 
more useable by an order of magnitude. For me, it’s never really been an issue 
declaring raw_id_fields. (But yes, it does come up, so very happy to see 

As Adam says, something like this could be put on PyPI, even if not in Django 
itself. Is there not something already I wonder? 

Don’t be discouraged. Please pursue the thought if you want it: implement 
something, open a PR, let’s discuss! 

Kind Regards,


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