On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 12:13 PM Carlton Gibson <carlton.gib...@gmail.com>

> Hey Andrew.
> I've been thinking a lot about this. You clearly shouldn't be maintaining
> Channels single-handedly indefinitely.
> I know Channels started out separately, but, it's time to think about
> what, if anything of channels, is to be brought into core, or become THE
> WAY we do things or... Yes, we need more hands, but there's a bunch of
> people who can help out, and at least part of the problem is your out there
> in the wings by yourself (with not much visibility.)
> Q: How does Channels fit into the "Django Async Roadmap"?
> To the extent that it does, I think there's a case for asking the board
> and the DSF more widely to throw everything we've got behind making sure
> it's properly resourced.

The main problem with Channels, I feel, is that is solves the wrong problem
- it's focused on WebSockets, which is a niche feature that a few people
are happy we provide but most people have no practical use for.

Instead, I think Django should focus on a good async path for HTTP - views,
ORM, templates, and the like. This is what I want to get done if I can get
my time and energy back!

> I presume you DON'T offer support on the issue tracker, and point people
> to other channels? I'd be happy to "straight-bat" obvious tickets away.
> (Michael's offer to recieve is valuable there.)

I do try to do this - I wrote a standard page last year to help out with
batting away (https://channels.readthedocs.io/en/latest/support.html) - but
sometimes it's hard to triage the bug from the support request. Your help
there would be most appreciated, and yes, I should add Michael's offer to
that support page.

> "...and weird WebSocket client bugs."
> Can I ask you to explain what you mean there? (Point to a ticket maybe.)
> What kind of query do you get? Is there a particular knack to working out
> if it's a valid bug or not? (Or is it apparent?)

I don't want to single anyone out, as it's not their fault, but bugs like
this: https://github.com/django/daphne/issues/244

This person did the work and figured it out for the most part, but lots of
bugs that complex and confusing come in with just the first part of the
issue and I'm left wondering if it's their browser, their server, their
Python install or actually Channels.

At some point, I wake up every morning to 5-6 emails from the various
projects and it overwhelms, as I'm sure you've encountered. Even the bugs
are nasty enough that I don't feel like fixing them once I've figured out
they're actually bugs.

> Thanks for all you work here. Legend. ­čÖé

And thank you for your response and help :)


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