When deciding when to drop support for Python 2 in Django, there was 
consensus to adopt this Python version support policy [0]: "Typically, we 
will support a Python version up to and including the first Django LTS 
release whose security support ends after security support for that version 
of Python ends. For example, Python 3.3 security support ends September 
2017 and Django 1.8 LTS security support ends April 2018. Therefore Django 
1.8 is the last version to support Python 3.3."

Since then, we didn't abide by this policy when dropping Python 3.4, mainly 
because Debian stable still used Python 3.4 at the time and Claude argued 
that some people like him would have difficulty contributing to Django if 
they had to install another version of Python [1].

Based on the policy, it's time to drop support for Python 3.5 in the master 
branch (Django 3.0) -- with Django 2.2 LTS supported until April 2022 and 
Python 3.5 supported until September 2020). I created a ticket [2] and PR 
[3] for dropping support for Python 3.5 [2], however, Claude commented, 
"I'm not so enthusiast to drop Python 3.5 now (it is still the default 
version in Debian stable). Couldn't this be done in Django 3.1 instead?"

Are you in favor of amending the Python support version policy to account 
for the Python version in Debian stable?

[2] https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/30116
[3] https://github.com/django/django/pull/10864

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