On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:55 AM Adam Johnson <m...@adamj.eu> wrote:

> So, phrasing... maybe... as a draft: "Typically, we will support a Python
>> version unless it will be end of life before the corresponding version of
>> Django is outside of mainstream support. For example, Python 3.5 security
>> support ends September 2019, whilst Django 3.1 ends mainstream support in
>> April 2021. Therefore Django 3.0, which is end of life August 2019 is the
>> last version to support Python 3.5."
> +1. A subtle change on the existing policy but it makes a difference.

That seems better to me as well. It only ties us to the support policy of
Python, not various special-cased distributions. My concern, though, is
that it weakens semantic versioning a bit, so we should do it carefully. We
don't follow it precisely, but if we drop support for a version of Python,
that seems to me like it would qualify as a breaking change, and should be
preferred to be done when changing major versions after an LTS release. If
that is deemed to not be a significant concern, then I think this proposed
policy is a reasonable one.

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