Hey, I had a project idea for GSoC.
I wanted to make a tool which will help to port static projects like Jekyll 
to Django directly.
I am still thinking about the details of the idea.

But I want to know:

   - is this idea feasible/useful?
   - Does there already exist a similar tool for this?
   - Is this a good idea for GSoC?

I got this idea last year when I was working on my club website which was 
written using Jekyll and I had to port it to Django framework since it was 
going to be hosted on our college server which had Django backend.
The problem was we constantly had to update the website with post, so I was 
just left with the option to rewrite all the code natively in Django. 
That's why I thought of making a tool which will take a Jekyll project and 
convert it to Django app, with proper views and models etc.


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