Is it possible to utilize a CDN service for djangoproject.com, or at least 
on docs.djangoproject.com? The site is actually quite fast for me but I 
think there is still room for improvement. Cloudflare sponsored dozens of 
open source projects <https://developers.cloudflare.com/sponsorships/>, 
probably they can provide free service for django as well.

Tested from Melbourne, Australia:

 Average Ping: 245ms
 Browser: 21 requests, 211KB transferred, Finish: 2.52s, DOMContentLoaded: 
1.16s, Load: 1.48s

 Average Ping: 5ms
 Browser: 42 requests, 351KB transferred, Finish: 717ms, DOMContentLoaded: 
564ms, Load: 699ms

Tested on Chrome with "Disable cache" checked (but not the first time 
visit, so DNS query time might not be included).

Best regards and thanks for all your great work. 

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