On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 10:39 PM Jamesie Pic <j...@yourlabs.org> wrote:
> component = dict(
>     template_name='django/forms/widgets/textarea.html',
>     script='your/textarea.js',
>     style='your/style.css'
> )

Actually do NOT try this, for static i think the more efficient
refactor would be to enable widgets and things to touch
request.static.scripts and request.static.styles, so that scripts that
you load in your parent template would not be re-added by the widgets.
At the same time, programing perimeter for widget statics would
increase since this would no more reduce it to a declarative

And maybe you want to try to change from templates to python rendering
functions, if not for transpiling or performance, performance, maybe
just for easier reuse across python code in general. But then you
would use a python library that

FTR GDAPS is also having research on this as we speak :

Have fun


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