Django Developers,

I would like to know why Django LTS support time is 3 years. I think with
Ubuntu LTS it's at least 5 years. We are using Django 1.11 for Speedy Net,
which was released on April 2017, and I'm not sure we will be able to
upgrade it before April 2020. There are changes which are not backward
compatible, we will have to change some of our code if we upgrade Django,
and some packages we are using, such as Django Crispy Forms, we have to use
versions which don't support Django versions higher than 1.11 due to bugs
in future releases (
Upgrading to the next LTS version (2.2) will take lots of time, and the end
of support of 2.1 is December 2019. I want to release Speedy Net and Speedy
Match to production soon, and I don't think we will be able to upgrade
Django before 2020. It would help if there was 5 years support for each
Django LTS version. What do you think?


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