So far, I have found the following from pip search. Can you please share if 
there are additional ones

django-oscar-accounts-wt (0.4rc3)              - Managed accounts for 
django-oscar-accounts (0.4rc1)                 - Managed accounts for 
django-oscar-accounts2 (0.1.0)                 - Managed accounts for 
django-oscar-adyen (0.7.1)                     - Adyen HPP payment module 
for django-oscar
django-oscar-amazon-payments (0.1)             - This package provides 
integration between django-oscar and Amazon Payments (Login and Pay with 
django-oscar-api (1.3.0)                       - REST API module for 
django-oscar-api-checkout (0.3.4)              - An extension on top of 
django-oscar-api providing a more flexible checkout API with a pluggable 
payment methods interface.
django-oscar-approval (0.1)                    - Order approval module for 
django-oscar-asiapay (0.4.0)                   - Payment integration of 
AsiaPay (PayDollar) to use on django-oscar
django-oscar-avalara (0.2.1)                   - Avalara integration for 
django-oscar-paypal-fork-b74153f (0.9.5)       - Integration with PayPal 
Express, PayPal Payflow Pro and Adaptive Payments for django-oscar
django-oscar-bluelight (0.8.4)                 - Bluelight Specials - 
Enhancements to the offer and vouchers features for Django Oscar.
django-oscar-telegram-bot (0.5.0)              - Telegram Bot for Oscar 
django-oscar-bundles (0.2.8)                   - An extension on top of 
django-oscar providing product bundle functionality.
django-oscar-cch (2.2.8)                       - Integration between 
django-oscar and the CCH Sales Tax Office SOAP API.
cmsplugin-markdown (0.1.5)                     - A plugin for django-cms 
that aims to replace the standard text plugin with it's
WYSIWYG editors. With cmsplugin-markdown you can write your content in 
using EpicEditor (
django-oscar-cybersource (3.3.0)               - Integration between 
django-oscar and the Cybersource Secure Acceptance.
django-oscar-datacash (0.8.3)                  - Datacash payment module 
for django-oscar
django-oscar-vat_moss (0.1.dev20160124225843)  - EU VATMOSS support for 
django-oscar-fees (0.2)                        - Apply fees to baskets and 
orders in django-oscar
django-oscar-unicredit (0.1.1)                 - A plugin to pay with 
unicredit bank
django-oscar-paymentexpress (0.1.1)            - PaymentExpress payment 
module for django-oscar
django-oscar-pagseguro (0.0.4)                 - Pagseguro integration for 
django-oscar-eway (0.2.0)                      - eWay payment module for 
django-oscar (Rapid 3.0)
django-oscar-mollie (0.1.2)                    - Mollie payment module for 
django-oscar-payu (1.1)                        - django-oscar-payu. An 
Oscar package for integration with payu payment gateway
django-oscar-mpesa (0.0.3)                     - Oscar integration for 
M-Pesa's IPN service.
django-oscar-facebook (0.1.8)                  - A plugin for integrating 
domain-driven e-commerce framework Oscar with Facebook
django-oscar-sagepay (0.1.2)                   - This package provides 
integration between django-oscar and the payment gateway SagePay UK
django-oscar-worldpay (1.3)                    - Integration with Worldpay 
payments for django-oscar
django-oscar-eurotaxes (0.2.1)                 - Package to manage taxes 
with django-oscar if the company must accomplish the European Laws of Taxes
django-oscar-testsupport (0.4.1)               - Testing utilities for Oscar
django-oscar-easyrec (0.0.9)                   - easyrec recommendations 
module for django-oscar
django-oscar-wagtail (0.2.0)                   - Integration between Django 
Oscar and Wagtail
django-oscar-docdata (1.2.10)                  - Docdata Payments Gateway 
integration for django-oscar
django-leonardo (1.0.6)                        - A platform for fast 
building modern web applications with Django, FeinCMS, Horizon, Oscar and 
tons of another apps.
django-oscar-stores (0.8)                      - An extension for Oscar to 
include stores
django-oscar-paypal (0.9.7)                    - Integration with PayPal 
Express, PayPal Payflow Pro and Adaptive Payments for django-oscar
django-oscar-wfrs (0.10.1)                     - An extension on-top of 
django-oscar-api-checkout to allow interfacing with Wells Fargo Retail 
django-oscar-webpay (0.4.3)                    - An application for 
intagrating WebPay with oscar based e-commerce sites
djangocms-oscar (0.1)                          - django CMS plugin for Oscar
oscar-sagepay (0.1)                            - SagePay payment module for 
oscar-portation (0.1.1)                        - Oscar dashboard app for 
oscar.flag (0.1.2)                             - Configuration flags for 
libraries and applications.

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