I've found that UniqueTogetherValidator updates data while validation.
* I have model with unique_together = ("field_a", "field_b")
* I have model serialiser based on it. And it has UniqueTogetherValidator
* I try to do partial update of existed instance.  And I try to update 

I expect that validated_data will contains only the field "filed_c". But it 
also contains fields "filed_a" and "field_b".

I've found that this validator save fields into "attrs" dictionary. And 
this "attrs" will became validated_data at end.

    def filter_queryset(self, attrs, queryset):
        Filter the queryset to all instances matching the given attributes.
        # If this is an update, then any unprovided field should
        # have it's value set based on the existing instance attribute.
        if self.instance is not None:
            for field_name in self.fields:
                if field_name not in attrs:
                    attrs[field_name] = getattr(self.instance, field_name)

        # Determine the filter keyword arguments and filter the queryset.
        filter_kwargs = {
            field_name: attrs[field_name]
            for field_name in self.fields
        return qs_filter(queryset, **filter_kwargs)

I don't know If it is a bug or feature.
But it is not good for me.

What do you think? Should I open issue? 

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