Maybe a compromising solution would be to add a paragraph to the end of the 
quickstart providing an alternate path to the tutorial with links. Such as:

OK now you got this most generic and simplest use case, we strongly 
recommend you to read the tutorial and *follow through by actually doing it 
*so you see all the powerful tools that DRF has to provide and get a good 
grasp of the framework in its entirety. But if you are in a hurry and just 
want to add lower level spice here and there, you can go ahead and jump to 
step 6 [link] to read more on ModelViewSets and then switch to step 3 
[link] to .. blah blah

This approach may require individual parts be touched upon so they are more 
self contained. I.e., each step summarizes where it is picking up from. 

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