I am sure I must be missing something but I don't know how I should go 
about it. I have a ASW medium instances that are struggling with 20-30 RPS, 
which I consider terrible performance.

Let me tell you a bit about how I run things:
- the Django application exposes a rest API interface using Django REST 
- the Django is running on uwsgi. Each UWSGI process is configured not to 
use threads, because of GIL in Python.
- I use nginx in front of uwsgi
- each instance runs 50 uwsgi processes. Because UWSGI threads are not 
enabled, and because of the synchronous nature of Django (as opposed to 
Twisted on node.js) this means that each uwsgi process can only run 1 
request at a time.
- some requests take longer to execute (they might access 3rd party APIs or 
do multiple DB calls)

The problem is that while all uwsgi processes are waiting for other 
services to respond they can not accept other requests. So requests keep 
getting buffered waiting to execute. I can not increase the number of uwsgi 
processes, because I already max out on CPU (all this context switching 
between the processes must be expensive because I am basically using 
processes for what would be threads in Java). I did try both more and less 
than 50 uwsgis/instance and 50 seemed to allows the maximum number of RPS 
(but still very very few).

In Java for example each request would be handled by a thread. And you can 
have 10000 threads running at a time easily. This means that even though 
each request takes a long time (waiting for other services to respond - so 
idle time for the thread), it can still execute thousands of RPS so it has 
a very good throughput.

However because with uwsgi, I am using a uwsgi as a thread, the uwsgi 
process is much more heavy than a Java thread, so I can run only 50. This 
means a much lower throughput.

What am I missing? I would really appreciate your advice. I could not find 
anything and I have been looking for days for a solution. It just feels 
like the throughput performance is so so terrible for Django, and I will 
need 20 instances for what Java could handle on 1.

Thank you,

PS: This is the uwsgi configuration. I run multiple wsgis using emperor.

project = frontend-api
base = /home/django

chdir = %(base)/%(project)
home = %(base)/Env/%(project)
module = apps.frontend.uwsgi:application

master = true
processes = 50

socket = /tmp/%(project).sock
chmod-socket = 666
vacuum = true
stats = /tmp/frontend-api-stats.sock
memory-report = true

pythonpath = /home/django/frontend-api/src

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