I have not posted all the objects involved with this as that would make for 
a lot of code. If needed will provide. 

I am trying to serialize an object using a custom defined 
HyperlinkRelatedField. The subclass is required to get the correct object 
to link to--class contains two objects for each item, a "Draft" object, and 
the "Published" object. 

For example, the base model: 

PK    Object               Status        Slug
1       EventSeries A   Draft          eventseries-a
14     EventSeries A   Published  eventseries-a
2       EventSeries B   Draft          eventseries-b
22     EventSeries B   Published  eventseries-b

By default the "draft" event is returned, so this initial override is done 
in get_queryset method.

However, for each Event Series there can be 0, n related Event objects 
which also have a draft and published version. 

These are related to the EventSeries model using a custom 
HyperlinkedRelatedField. This enables me to use the get_object method to 
return the published object instead of the draft.

This works perfectly as long as there are associated Event objects. When 
there are none, I am getting the error Cannot resolve URL for hyperlinked 

I have tried adding allow_null=True, allow_blank=True to the custom 
HyperlinkedRelatedField but neither help. 

Alternatively, is there a way to override the to_representation method in 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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